Caught his eye...

So at my last art fair, I noticed a gentleman and his wife looking at some images on the outside of the booth. Nothing big there people do it all the time at shows. But he was very interested and I could hear them talking. I went out and told them most of my images are infrared and explained what that meant. His wife said that is interesting because her husband is color blind.  I said well come into the booth and check out some of the other infrared images. He came in and his jaw about dropped, and he just kept saying wow! That made me feel great, I love reactions like this. He then purchased a few prints and a small book I have of Gettysburg.

When he got home he went to my site and signed up for our Insiders program and sent me an email which I have part of it below. 

My name is Adam, a customer from Maryland who bought some of your photography at the Shrimp Festival. Your artwork spoke to me because I love the brightness and vividness of the colors of the photos I purchased. The photography sticks out in the room. I have already got some compliments on them. Also, the infrared photography is really cool, and not many people do that kind of photography. I look forward to using my photo booklet of Gettysburg when I visit Gettysburg next. I wish you nothing but the best and hope you keep succeeding in your business and passion. Thank you, and I hope you have a great day.

He also followed us on Instagram so I wanted to give him a shout-out here and ask you all to follow along with him too. Our IG is  @dream_world_Images and his is @silverlingingsquad.

I really hope my images capture you and stir something inside you, possibly take you to another world another place, a bit of an escape.  Thanks Adam for sharing your email with us, it was greatly appreciated and we hope to see you again on the road somewhere.

Infrared image from outside Boulder, Colorado

The image above was captured in Infrared outside Boulder Colorado.