Infrared Love

I absolutely love infrared photography! Why? I really think it is because I have absolute creative freedom.  Again why, because no one has any true idea of what an infrared image should look like. It is all in the creator's mind, in my vision. It truly offers a look into another world. 

I realize some people don't like infrared; my sister, for one, says she doesn't like it because it isn't what she sees with her eyes. And I understand that, but what is Art? Look at Picasso (NOT that I'm comparing my stuff to him at all). I'm just saying how many people hated his work back when he created it, how many loved it, and what did it do to art creation? How did it change things? 

The view above is a scene that just about anyone can capture with a decent camera. A little bit of knowledge of photography could capture a nice visible-light image. But to see this in infrared and be able to capture and post-process it, I feel, truly takes some creative juices. I've always seen images before I captured them, had a vision of them, and a way to pull them together after the press of the button. Both digitally and film/darkroom.  

The image below is in Renfrew Park in Waynesboro, PA. My wife and I walked on the left side of the image toward the camera position. I saw this shot while we walked; we then went and looped around and walked for about 0.5 miles before turning back. Once we got where the path split where we could go the same way we came or to the right of the scene, I told her to go right because there was an image I wanted. One that I saw walking in the other direction looking back to this scene.

Let me know what you think...