Dream World Images

Tracey and I both have Irish heritage, and she really loves the Irish Tree of Life. I love photographing lone trees in infrared, well, really anyway. So this was the development of our new logo, a combination of our take on the Tree of Life and my infrared photography. The wavelength I generally photograph (right now) makes the leaves look blue and sky red. The idea of Dream World Images also ties in with our travel blog, which is all about life and the dreams we have.

Then we get into the images and our website; with thousands of images, it is hard to 1. Narrow them down to what to show, and 2. How to organize them in any meaningful way. This is where Celtic Mythology came into help. Tracey knew about Tir Na nog, which is the land of youth (or possibly Heaven). While researching other possible mythology that we could use, we found Albios (White-World), Bitu - (World of the living beings), and Dubnos (Dark-world). Wow, this gave me the perfect overview to describe my images. And inside those three categories of Celtic Mythology, I further refined what my images mean by placing them into subcategories for easier viewing, I hope and think.

Anyway, I hope this gets you all caught up on the thought process and where we came from, and I hope you stick around for where we go next…

Visit our blog at www.tradndreams.com and check out the gallery at gallery.dreamworldimages.art


Hi, my name is Dan Urban. My love of photography started at an early age when my dad gave me his old Minolta film camera. This passion for photography grew, and I really enjoyed landscapes and nature photography and started Urban's Photography. But chance led me to do portraits and weddings, with my love of the outdoors still inside me. My wife got a new career that moved us out of the area and away from portraits. And in Gettysburg, it rekindled my love of landscape photography. It breathed a new medium to explore, and that is infrared photography. Infrared is a look into a whole other world, it is light and color and black and white all there, but our eyes just can't see it. Allowing me the creative freedom of expressing what I can see with my mind's eye.

My wife Tracey and I desired to travel when we retired, but about four years ago, we started a journey to do it earlier. Tracey got a remote job, and I do photography/design. We created TraD'n Dreams, which is primarily a blog about our planning and actual travels. This leads me to where we are today, rebranding our mostly portrait studio from Urban's Photography to Dream World Images. Because the infrared images I create have a dreamy world to them.